Psychological Services & Consultation


PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EDUCATIONAL EVALUATIONS:I provide comprehensive psychoeducational assessment to families and their children (k-12th grade). An evaluation might be warranted if you suspect that your child’s development might not be typical, he/she might be experiencing learning or behavior difficulties at school, or if their teacher might be concerned with their progress and overall development. A comprehensive evaluation will include:

  • Interviews with the family and children
  • Interviews with the teachers and school personnel
  • Observations of the child in the school (if needed)
  • Review of educational and other relevant records and history
  • Individual testing (intelligence, academic, behavior, other)

A final psychological report with findings and recommendations will be offered to the family.

ADVOCATING FOR THE CHILD AND FAMILY: I can assist you and advocate for your child and you, the parents, as you are trying to navigate to an often difficult environment—in terms of school district paperwork. I will ensure that your child and you are treated fairly and receive eligible services according to federal and state laws. I will attend and advocate for you in meetings with the school district personnel.

EVALUATIONS FOR ACCOMMODATIONS IN COLLEGE: I can assist you with the necessary and timely evaluation needed to either update your documentation, or conduct an initial evaluation so that you can request accommodations at a two or four year college or for taking standardized tests such asthe GED, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and PRAXIS, etc.

PROGRAM EVALUATION: Ι can assist you with the design and implementation of program evaluation to include: design of questionnaires, surveys and data gathering, data analysis and preparation of reports for various stakeholders.