Dissertations Directed

The following is a list of Dissertations I have directed during my tenure at the University of Northern Colorado

Amy Villard 2012

Estimating pre-morbid intellectual functioning using the Das-Naglieri: Cognitive Assessment System

Jill Snyder 2012

Conceptual training for kindergarten teachers regarding the development of mathematical thought in children.

Walker, Justin Moor 2010

A validation study of the Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive (PASS) theory and its relationship to reading achievement in adults.

Zafiris, Christina M. 2010

The investigation of patterns in teacher ratings of executive functioning in children with reading and math disabilities.

Neubauer Potthoff, Kari. 2009

The Development And Validation Of The Preschool Affective Wellness Scale (PAWS).

Sinco, Stephanie R. 2009

Examining Executive Functions In Youth With Serious Emotional Disturbance: Evaluating Hidden Neuropsychological Deficits

Wakkinen, Howard B. 2008

Maximizing Resources To Gain Information About Clients: Profile Analysis, Configural Frequency Analysis, and the WISC-IV

Buettel, Monica 2007

Research-Based Social-Emotional Interventions For Asperger Syndrome: A Meta-Analysis.

Germain, Jason C 2004

Remediation of written expression deficits in an elementary school population

Huang, Leesa Violet 2004

Analysis of profiles for exceptional and nonexceptional samples using the cognitive assessment system

Davis Andrew S. 2003

Evaluating gender differences with experimental planning, attention, simultaneous and successive neuropsychological task in participants with and without learning disabilities.

Lerew, Cherise DeAnn. 2003

The use of a cognitive strategy as an academic and 
behavioral intervention for children with attentiondeficit/hyperactivity

Crawford, E. Nicole 2002

Profiles for exceptional samples on the cognitive assessment system using configural frequency analysis.

Skinner Carol L. (Carol Lynee) 2001

Describing the cognitive, socioemotional, and academic sequelae of children with acquired brain injury

Johnson, Judith Alene 2001

The Planning-Attention-Simultaneous-Successive model of cognitive processing in youth with and without written expression disabiliti

Hald, Mark Edwin 2000

A PASS cognitive processes intervention study in mathematics

Baldo, Anthony John 2000

Risk factors, protective factors, and challenging behaviors in at risk preschool children : and exploratory analysis.

Brams, Andrew G. 1969- 1999

Utility of Das-Naglieri: Cognitive Assessment System in the discrimination of elementary school children with learning disabilities and speech impairments.

Powell Shawn 1999

Assessing learning disabilities in reading : a validity study of the Cognitive Assessment System

Politikos, Natalie Nina 1997

A cross validation of the Draw A Person: Quantitative Scoring System and the Draw A Person: Screening Procedure For Emotional Disturbance.

Lidiak, Susan Elisabeth 1996

Longitudinal evaluation of children's educational status following participation in the Colorado Preschool Program

Dwors 1996

Differences in normal and seriously emotionally disturbed students on the Devereux Behavior Rating Scale-School Form, Draw a Person : screening procedure for emotional disturbance, and the Million Adolescent Clinical Inventory

Stanley, Debra Anne 1995

A validation study of the planning, attention, simultaneous, successive cognitive processing model with academically gifted adolescents

Macdonald, Gary C. 1994

Planning-attention-simultaneous-successive cognitive processes of adults with learning disabilities and their relationship to academic achievement, study skills and compensatory strategies

Maricle, Denise Estelle 1994

A validation study of the planning, attention, simultaneous, successive cognitive processing model with college students

Lindsey, Henry Jackson 1992

Consistency in teachers' judgments of social competence : preferences for high versus low inference criteria

Fontenot, Mary Ellen 1992

Predictors of body image and sex guilt with age and gende